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-PSALM 66:19
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Breakthrough 2018


I would like to request prayer for specific imminent situations in my life, am a mature female and feel a terrible fear and anxiety lately where leaving this life seems like an option: Secure part time at the department store where I am presently employed which has a cut off date on 2/10/2018 and hope to continue although there is a lot of chaos there and things which are just not right. Still need to stay at least part time since I need to show I a have worked there at least a year since it is hard to find a living arrangement without that. My goal is to stay part time or on call meanwhile finding a full time job too with a company where I can stay and retire with. Which comes to my second request. I am homeless and rent - am staying with a mature female that is awful, pay low rent, but am never there. Either way, my stay is up. I do not make enough to rent on my own but request the Lords help with a roommate. It's every hard to go and meet possible roommates or even make a move until I am sure, since I do not have transportation. What I make gets deducted by a student loans on a monthly basis which leaves me with very little. My last request my front door, God knows from a Christian book called WOMAN in red metallic letters which was one of the best Bible studies I have ever read and anyone that would take a look at it was touched by it too.

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