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-PSALM 66:19
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Family members and myself


Please pray for healing for several of my family members including myself, we have the flu. It seems to get a little better, then worse at times. My mom is 75yrs. Old and has had it a month now, and can't eat much and is losing weight. Her doc has had her on 2 different meds, nothing helps. My 3yr old grandson has had a fever and diarreah for a week,his doc said come back next Monday if its not gone.I have had it a week, and still can hardly eat, and hurt all over. I'm able to go to work, but I feel sick and week,can't eat much, this won't go away. I have other family members with the same virus, we can't get rid of it, and we're all losing weight. It makes us feel very tired. Please pray for us to be healed, I'm very concerned.Thank you so much for praying!

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