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-PSALM 66:19
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Father's health


Please pray for my father as he is in the hospital and they have yet to determine whats wrong. I am very close to my father and this is especially hard since my parents live in Florida and I am here in lllinois and don't have the financial means to go down there. He had a knee replacement (will be 5 weeks on the 15th) and was doing great. He starting having severe nausea which they past on to the pain pills after they were done thinking it was from the anesthesia. He stopped taking pain meds and still had the nausea where he was hardly eating. (he had lost almost 20lbs in the 4 weeks) He started getting really weak and they finally got him in to the doctor this past Monday which he sent my dad straight to the hospital where he was admitted. My dads hemoglobin was at a 7 along with other levels off and we were told his kidneys were not functioning well. They are still running test and have no answers. Please help me pray what ever is wrong that it will heal itself and my dad will recover fully. Thank you

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