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-PSALM 66:19
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Feeling hopeless


I don't know where else to turn. WCIC prayer center has always given me hope & strength in difficult times. Prayer is my only hope but right now I feel completely hopeless. My adult son has cut himself completely out of my life ever since I decided to remarry. I was extremely close to my son & almost never did a day go by where I didn't speak with him. Today we have no relationship at all. He hates my fiancé & has decided he can't have any kind of relationship with me because of it. I don't understand. I can accept him not likely someone but I don't know how to accept the way he is treating me. He says I treat him terrible yet, I have not done anything different. All I did, was find someone to spend my life with. I don't know what I have done or how to even change it. No matter what I try it ends up in an argument .The pain in my heart gets deeper & I am more depressed. Family & friends have tried to talk to him, I have tried to talk to him. He is all caught up on something about my fiancé's past. Regardless, of why he may or may not like him really seems to be irrelevant to me on why he is no longer wanting a relationship with me. My heart is broken, I feel completely empty. I am angry, sad, frustrated, feelings of bitterness & resentment is all starting to fester in me. I don't know where to turn or what to do anymore. I feel like I have tried & it only gets worse. I have given him space but only separates us more. I pray, yet nothing. Satan has a hold on my son. Help us!

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