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-PSALM 66:19
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Husband has very severe arthritic pain


Please pray for my husband Ron for healing of severe arthritis in his low back. He sometimes also gets it in shoulders and hands. He started a new job Nov. 19th. The job is full time and involves standing on his feet all day, reaching, pulling, tugging, bending down to pick things up. He works at Goodwill Salvage Center. He runs a baler too (makes bales of clothing which are shipped to other countries). It's hard work for someone his age (he'll be 75 in March). Ron has to work due to our financial situation. The plan was he could stop working once we got enough bills paid. But we live in a high rent, high cost of living area (Portland, Oregon) and there is always the unexpected. For example, I needed to see a dentist. That was over $1300. We had dental insurance but they didn't pay a lot. We paid on the bill with a credit card and paid some cash. We still owe over $500. Just in the month of Nov. we had car repairs over $500 (brakes went out on our only vehicle, which is 19 yrs old). Plus we had a Vet bill over $200. Those went on credit cards; no choice. Ron gets his first paycheck this Friday. Praise God we'll have money coming in again. We can't make it only on Soc. Security. As it is, we take in 2 room-mates to make rent (we rent a house). Ron had been out of work since May. Thanks for praying for Ron's healing/health. He's such a hard worker, dedicated and gets along with co-workers. Goodwill loves him and treats him well. He needs to keep this job

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