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-PSALM 66:19
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Husband just got a job. Had not worked since May. Pray for him to do exceptionally well. He got a job with Nike! Today was his 4th day. The way they work is 3 twelve hour days, then the next week 4 twelve hour days and it rotates. He has to get used to the long hours. But they have great benefits and many perks. He got the job through Manpower, a Temp Agency. After 4 months if he loves the job (assembly work) and Mgmt and Bosses love him, Ron can apply direct to the company and get hired. We are so thankful for this opportunity. Pray for my Ron's health to stay strong. Sometimes he gets arthritis pain so severe he cries. The pain can flare up at any time. He gets it mostly in his thumb joints, shoulder, neck and low back. I'm so proud of him for working. We really need the income. I haven't worked since 2012, for I am disabled. Please would you say a prayer for my health. I have Sleep Apnea, Panic Attacks, Peripheral Neuropathy (toes/feet/legs are 50% numb) and my knees are bone to bone and I am in severe pain all the time. The knees got damaged in a fall on stairs years ago. The Miniscus in both knees was damaged. As I've aged, it got worse. I need 2 total knees but have to lose a lot of weight before the doctor will do it. Put on weight with the Sleep Apnea and as I hobble about, in pain, it's hard to exercise and get the weight down. Thank you for praying, dear Prayer Warriors, for all these things. God Bless.

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