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-PSALM 66:19
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My dad


Please pray for my dad. HIs name is Ray and he's 81 years old. He has several health issues and is currently in the ER as I am typing this. He was in the ICU/hospital for the month of April of this year due to sepsis. The culprit was an infected gallbladder. He had no stones and he's not a candidate for surgery so they put a drain in by the gallbladder to help drain all the infection. By the grace of God, he healed from that and was able to go home. Now for the last 4-5 days he's been nauseated, some vomiting, fatigued, thankfully no fever, but we're afraid the gallbladder is acting up again. My mother took him to the ER because we think he's dehydrated and he's been and out of being "with it". I would like prayer for complete healing of the nausea and other symptoms and complete healing of his gallbladder, if that is the issue. Like I said, if it his gallbladder acting up, I don't know how that will be handled. I would also like prayer for wisdom and guidance and patience for the doctors and hospital staff and patience, strength, courage, and peace for my mom and dad and me and my family to yet go through another hospital visit. Thank you for your time and prayer.

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