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-PSALM 66:19
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Hello My name is Wendy I live in Bloomington IL. I want to and need to find people that can help me have a support system. I have 2 beautiful children and i am trying to go to school in Springfield and that is one of the first things they mention in school is that you a good support system. I have literally no one but me and my children. I am not trying to give up on school because i want to give my children a better living. I don't want to settle and i want to provide more for a better future for my and my kids. But it is really hard not having anyone on your side as in family or really good friends. If there anyone that would be willing to help me or guide me or be emotionally and be there for me and kids just in case of an emergency or not being able to get there on time to pick up my kids and have someone to have my back i would love that and built healthy helpful relationships t help me have a brighter future. Please pray for me. That God may send people my way and make connections please. And if anyone may know of someone that may be interested in helping a soul and loves children please let me know my email is Thank you for all your prayers.

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