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-PSALM 66:19
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Needs, marriage lifted up


I don't even know where to start. I believe in the power of prayer. My husband and I are both believers. We have eight children. We have been married 20years My husband has fallen into a depression. He is on medicine now for it. I never handled our finances until I received a call saying he missed a payment on a loan I knew nothing about. I've forgiven him and I've since taken over our finances. I am unable to work due to health issues so he does. We make just enough to pay our bills and that's it. During this time of his depression it's taking a toll on me, and the kids. Im basically single parenting because he is so diconnected, easily angers, ect. We have been in counseling for 6 years. I've been focusing on God for strength. My husband has never been a spiritual leader so its hard for me . I daily pray for him and seek God. My husband is aware our basic needs are not being met. I've been to pantries, I get food stamps, and medical for our kids. Things around the home need addressed and my husband has left them. Please pray for me to be strong,and our basic needs tp, pull ups stuff like that are met as no money is left to pay for these things. Please pray as we need a twinsize bed, a clothesline hung to save on the light bill, and fencing to put up. My husband has put off All the projects that need done and financialy I've given it to God. Please pray for our family. I've not lost faith. I'm just a mom in this moment praying our ship does not sink.

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