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-PSALM 66:19
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Renée Tiemann

Six year old Caleb Clausen of Walnut was hit by a semi truck in the afternoon of 9/19/2017 around 3:45pm, resulting in several life threatening injuries. He was life flighted to Peoria, IL where he has undergone multiple surgeries, and will continue to undergo some more. He has a very long road to recovery ahead of him. Please pray for him, the family, medical staff and of course the truck driver. Also funding for the family as the medical bills alone will be astronomical. This is a one income family with four young children. They will need to replace lost wages and pay for meals out while attending to their son in Peoria. They have a Facebook page that gives updates #pray4caleb. Or takes you there. You can see the praises as this is the last update from the family. "Morning update, Saturday, 8:25am, from Ben: Okay so we've had neurology and orthopedics pop in this morning. First off, last night after his surgery they ended up doing chest x-rays. They did notice air around his lungs. They said it's likely been there the whole time and was caused by the impact and will keep growing unless dealt with. So they ended up doing a small procedure to put a tube in his chest to release the air. Air is out and all is well. This morning neurology said his pressure looked good throughout the night as they had hoped and as we get further away from the accident the less the swelling will be so they're pretty confident. They did say however, they may keep his drain in for about a week to be on the safe side and eventually replace his scull section. Obviously after we're done with the swelling. They did do a CT scan in middle of the night and from what I've heard came back good. Orthopedics said that post surgery looks good and are keeping his traction on solely for his pelvis. They still plan on Monday for his pelvic surgery as long as he's stable and doing okay. While typing this the nutritional surgeon came in and checked him and said that soon they will be slowly giving him gut nutrition to help boost him a little. After these couple surgeries we have left (pelvis and scull) they at some point within the next week or so will start on lowering the sedation and see about waking him up. But overall this weekend is going to be recovery and rest to get him prepared for Monday. Thank you so much for your continued prayers. Even the doctors are saying that he is a miracle. Thank you God for keeping my son safe under your hand.❤️❤️"

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