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-PSALM 66:19
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#pray4caleb - update

Renée Tiemann

This is an update from his dad. Both parents are standing strong in faith. Please pray for this little boy and that The Lord superintends this whole situation. Pray that he uses Caleb to show unbelievers the power of Jesus! Caleb is 6 yrs old and was struck by a semi. God has orchestrated the whole situation and continues. He is a blessing and certainly "God's Grace!" ==== from his dad ==== So Caleb has been down in surgery for about 40 minutes now. Just an update from the doctors we have seen since finding out his surgery is a go. His ultrasound showed that the stent has done it's job by clearing his bile duct. His bilirubin levels have dropped and he is showing improvement. The orthopedic surgeon said he will come in from the back to repair on Caleb's right side of his pelvis. He's hoping that the front side won't need any additional surgeries..but may. Then the neurologist came in and seemed concerned on Caleb's response to sound. He said that there is a possibility he may be in a vegetative state permanently.. but I know that God performs miracles and I know God has his hand on him. I don't know what God has in his plan for us in the future. But I know he is with us. I know he will be with us and Caleb every step of the way. Please pray for a successful surgery and a miraculous recovery of my son. Please also to pray for strength through these faith testing times for us all.

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