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-PSALM 66:19
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Sarah Reiter


my daughter is involved in perversions. her atheist boyfriend Steven has changed Sarah into a prostitute. She's in an open relationship (his idea), bisexuality, no more faith, Sarah has a spirit and needs deliverance. Sarah is a child of God. Sarah will cut the chains between her and satan right now. Sarah will be protected and delivered by our Most High . Sarah is saved and I decree will marry a Christlike man. Sarah will open her eyes now. Sarah will turn in disgust at satans lies NOW. Sarah will RESIST the devil and he WILL FLEE FROM HER NOW! I have Authority given to me by Jesus Christ and I execute this Authority right now over Sarah and my house and command all demons to FLEE IMMEDIATELY AND PERMANENTLY HALLELUJAH! I STRIP EVERY DEMON OF THEIR LEGAL RIGHTS OVER SARAH AND MY HOUSE, I REVOKE ALL RIGHTS NOW HALLELUJAH IN JESUS NAME AMEN! SARAH AND MY HOUSE ARE CLEANSED IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!!

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