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-PSALM 66:19
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Sarah reiter

pray my daughter Sarah will take back complete control of her life and situation regarding her boyfriend breaking up with her today, he's very cold hearted about it,Ive never trusted him, he seems mentally ill, possibly narcissistic.. pray that Sarah has miraculous breakthroughs and strength from heaven above now, and that she stands firm and has a renewed heart for Christ in Jesus name, and not for wordly things. Pray that the Lord provokes all of steven and satans rights over my daughter Sarah and that Steven/evil has zero control over my Sarah, revoke his rights over Sarah's emotions, I revoke his rights over Sarah's body, I revoke his rights over Sarah's mind, I revoke his rights over this family and over me and over our home, I revoke his rights over anyone in our family, I revoke his rights over Sarah's car and job and life, Father place a Chasm up between Steven and my daughter & between him & this family and keep ungodly people/things away from us, I strip him of all control over my daughter and over our house now , and permanently, I expose him as a liar to all those people listening to his lies , in Jesus Most Powerful NAME, we pray, AMEN. HALLELUJAH!!!

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