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One Degree Functional Health

Business Support Partner

Nutrition is by far the most crucial component of our health. What we place into our body plays a vital role in how it would directly affect our health status and how our body is able to perform our day-to-day activities. We should not only see foods as fuel for our body but also as the main source of essential nutrients to keep us active and help prevent certain diseases. Poor nutrition is rampant and may lead to many health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart attack. When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, one must commit in making changes not only in diet but also keeping one's body in the best shape possible.

One Degree Functional Health offers nutritional living which focuses on supporting patients into living a healthier lifestyle. Nutrition is the key component for a successful treatment. It is essential to observe proper nutrition in order to bring forth the best results possible.


1100 E. Washington St
East Peoria,  IL 61611