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Sidewalk Prophtets' "The Chosen Tour" poster

Sidewalk Prophets’ Virtual Tour

You can enjoy a high-quality concert from the comfiest seat in your home! WCIC presents Sidewalk Prophets’ “The Chosen Tour”…


Page 66 – Sameed Osman

  Growing up in Saudi Arabia, Sameed Osman studied Islam and trained to be a defender of the faith.  The only thing that matched his passion for Islam, was his distaste for Christians.  He relished the idea of humiliating believers and destroying their faith.  In his own words, he was the last person on the…


Making Your Marriage Last

Making Your Marriage Last   Have you noticed that things don’t last these days? Like the older generation might tell you, they just don’t make stuff like they used to. We’ve become a throw-away culture in too many ways, and unfortunately, that mindset has bled into our relationships and marriages. It’s becoming increasingly hard to…


Is That Contagious?

Is That Contagious? When we look back at 2020 and all the weirdness we’ve had to endure, do you ever wonder how our kids will reflect on this year? What are they learning from living in this pandemic-centered world? One thing’s for sure, they’ve had a great primer on infectious disease. We all understand more…


Fall Fundraiser Update

God is Faithful! WCIC Fall Fundraiser I think by now we’re all tired of hearing about the unprecedented times we’re living in. I get it. The world feels so different and not much makes sense. But when I take my eyes off the world and focus on what God is doing, then it turns out…


Register. Pray. Vote.

Soon, you’ll have the privilege of helping decide who will be President of the United States the next four years and who will fill various congressional, state, and local government positions. WCIC wants to encourage you to Register. Pray. Vote. If you haven’t registered yet, you can start the process today. You may register online through…


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I just heard “Love Lifting Me” for the first time. Thank you! My mother-in-law suddenly passed away last night, and I really needed that song. I know my mother-in-law is with Jesus, and I am thrilled for that even though we are gonna miss her. I hear stories about “the…