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WCIC’s Marriage Celebration 2020

A night of music, laughter, and encouragement for your marriage! WCIC’s Marriage Celebration is back the week before Valentine’s Day,…


Hearts2 Mom’s Conference

Let’s face it, being a mother is a full-time job! Surround yourself with godly women wanting to support you as you Gather, Grow, and Go! Gather – With other moms to rest, reflect, and be refreshed!‍Grow – With other moms who are eager to be encouraged, educated, and equipped!‍Go – With other moms on this…


Journaling in 2020

If you already include journaling as a part of your life, you’re probably well aware of the benefits. If you’ve never tried it or it’s been a while, maybe as we begin a new year, this could be a good time to have another go? Journaling brings perspective. It can help me hear my own…


Winter Jam Super Fan Giveaway

Christian music’s largest annual tour is coming to the Peoria Civic Center on Thursday, February 6th, and you have the chance to win tickets! This year’s tour includes Crowder, Building 429, Austin French, Hillsong Young & Free, NewSong, and more! The winners of What’s That Word the week of January 21st will each receive a…


Giving Us Words

“21 Years” was written after the loss of Toby’s firstborn, Truett. From the moment this devastating news broke until today, many who listen to Christian music across the world have lifted the McKeehan family in their prayers. Maybe you are one of those. Toby has reiterated how they feel the prayers and support from the…


Your Story Shares Hope

Consolation After Mother’s Death

I lost my mom unexpectedly in March of 2017. I struggled to move past my anger with God for taking her. Around that time, Colton Dixon’s song “The Other Side” started playing on WCIC and it helped me finally start moving on. But the biggest effect the song had on me was on the 1st…

THIS is Who I Am

I was really depressed and going to counseling to try to work all that out. When you’re depressed you kinda question who you are and why you’re around and why things happen. You kinda go, “Who am I in all of this thing called life?” When I was on the way to counseling, that song…

Forgotten in Prison

A lot of people are forgotten in prison. Thank you so much for remembering those who are in prison. Thank you so much for remembering me. Though we have made errors and are paying the price for what we have done, you have not forgotten about us. It’s a blessing just to know that people…

Twenty-four Seven

My husband died in March. My house burned down in December. WCIC stays on in my house 24/7. It just gives me peace, and it’s a extra blessing on top of my home. Everything there is encouraging, and we need to be encouraged. We need to let people out there know that tragedy happens, but joy…

Every Season of Life

It has just always been good. Every season of life, it’s neat to see the different songs that hit you. When you’re going through a tough season of life, you get the serious songs that just speak to your soul. It feels like they were written just for you and played at just the right…

Moved Away

I actually just moved from Normal to Pheonix, Arizona and I now do not have WCIC for my car ride which is a little strange. It’s amazing how even those ten minute drives from home to work in central Illinois made a difference. I was just listening to WCIC and singing along, and now it’s…


I ended up with a pretty serious drug and alcohol problem. It ended with me losing my marriage, my house, and my job. I went to treatment and got a job as a delivery driver. And I stumbled upon your radio station, and it nurtured my spiritual search for God. My whole vision of God…

Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Dealt With

I lean on the station often. I got diagnosed with cancer. I know what you’re supposed to do: trust in your faith; trust in God. All those things. But this has been the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with. The absolute hardest. I switched over to WCIC because I needed it. – Matt from Downs


Going to school wasn’t easy because of bullying – not physical contact but a lot of harsh words and stuff like that. I like Jordan Feliz and the song Beloved. It just tells me how God appreciates me, that I am not forgotten, and that God knows me and loves me very much. – Tiden

Daughter Passed Away Two Years Ago

Right now my heart is just breaking in about a thousand different ways. My daughter who was fighting brain cancer passed away just two years ago. Then my brother died roughly this time last year. There’s always been an incredible amount of message in the music, and the words are powerful. Reconnecting with that and…