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Sharing hope in Jesus,

one song, one conversation, one heart at a time.

Destination: Drive-In Winner

Congratulations to Karen from Bloomington! She shared a photo of her kids with their Come Together coloring pages and was the…


Tell Me Something Good!

Tell Me Something Good!   Whenever Joe is sick, he doesn’t like to Google his symptoms because he only sees the scary diagnoses and becomes anxious that it could be serious. So I scour the medical sites for him, do the research, then report back the good news that there is nothing major to be…


Morning Show Announcement

Over the last year, many of you have warmly welcomed Janine Fairchild and Brian Williamsen into your daily routine via the Morning Show at WCIC. We are grateful for their work and dedication to providing an excellent experience for you, our listeners. We’re sorry to share that both Brian and Janine announced their departures from…


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Daughter Passed Away Two Years Ago

Right now my heart is just breaking in about a thousand different ways. My daughter who was fighting brain cancer passed away just two years ago. Then my brother died roughly this time last year. There’s always been an incredible amount of message in the music, and the words are…