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Sharing hope in Jesus,

one song, one conversation, one heart at a time.

Where in the world is your DREAM destination?

Enter to win a DREAM trip. Spring Fundraiser 2021 begins March 9. Share Hope in Jesus We can all agree…


Page 25 – Jason Gray (from the archive)

Have you ever felt like the foundation of your faith was crumbling?  It’s a hard experience for anyone, but especially difficult if you are an artist who has built your career on songs of faith.  Jason Gray shares his story, his journey back to faith, and new music in this episode of The Unfolding.


You Matter!

You Matter!   That one truth that has changed my life! You too? Would you consider partnering with us financially during the spring fundraiser? TEAM40 is $40 dollars a month in ongoing support and goes a long way to provide hope for so many desperately searching for it. “When I found WCIC, the music really…


When Stress Pulls at Your Marriage

When Stress Pulls at Your Marriage By Tara Buchanan   Do you ever feel stressed out? Or lately, that there is no break from it? When stress hits our family, sometimes it’s the ugly that spills out. It doesn’t always feel like our best moments. This past year, we encountered new problems and stressors that…


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Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Dealt With

I lean on the station often. I got diagnosed with cancer. I know what you’re supposed to do: trust in your faith; trust in God. All those things. But this has been the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with. The absolute hardest. I switched over to WCIC because I needed…