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Sharing hope in Jesus,

one song, one conversation, one heart at a time.

God’s Still Working!

God’s Still Working! Remember when we used to shake hands, give fist bumps, attend church with friends? We’re looking forward…


A Reminder of Hope

A Reminder of Hope How do you handle change? No, not your pocket change to cover that extra nine cents on the dollar menu item at the drive thru window. Change – like what’s happening in the world right now. With all the change happening pretty much every day, it can seem harder and harder…


Sticking Together Through Quarantine

Sticking Together Through Quarantine   Do you remember the time when you first fell in love and you wanted to be with your special someone all the time? Joe and I certainly did back when we were dating and living 100 miles apart. We just wanted to be together! Well, here we are, and many…


Take Heart

Remember when you were a kid and you would fall asleep in the back of the car? You could blissfully sleep because you trusted that Mom or Dad knew how to drive and would get you to your destination safely. But as we got older, we became more aware of car accidents. Drunk drivers. Icy…


COVID-19 Resources

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. –2 Timothy 1:7 During a time when many are overcome with fear, as Christians we know God is still on the throne. He is greater than any disease, greater than any circumstance. Of course we still…


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Moved Away

I actually just moved from Normal to Pheonix, Arizona and I now do not have WCIC for my car ride which is a little strange. It’s amazing how even those ten minute drives from home to work in central Illinois made a difference. I was just listening to WCIC and…