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Sharing hope in Jesus,

one song, one conversation, one heart at a time.

Double Blessing

You teach your children to share, and it’s something you try to live out every single day. Between buying groceries,…


The Unfolding – Page 102 – Tasha Layton

After experiencing dysfunction and hurt, Tasha Layton left church and set out on a search for truth. That journey led her back to Jesus and a call to use her musical talents. As a gifted worship leader, God opened doors in music but not what Tasha had imagined. She found herself on American Idol and…


His Love Never Fails

His Love Never Fails Have you ever been in a place where you doubted God’s love for you? When He seemed far away? I’ve been there too. Sometimes when tough circumstances come our way, it seems easier to pull away from Him. But even in those low valleys of our lives, God is always with…


Waiting With Expectation – by Joe Buchanan

Waiting With Expectation By Joe Buchanan   I’ve been reflecting on this verse a lot this year as we have been focused on what it means to RISE UP with wings like eagles. The ESV version of the Bible uses the phrase “wait on the Lord.” The word wait can produce a feeling of helplessness…


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Allie in Groveland

My life has been very hard this past year. I lost my grandmother over the summer. Things just weren’t the same. I felt heartbroken. My grandma was the only person I felt safe to go to with my problems (besides God). I could go to my grandma and talk to…