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WCIC’s End-of-Summer Concerts

Summer isn’t over yet, and WCIC has two great concerts to help close out summer with a bang! SANCTUS REAL…


The Unfolding – Page 98 – Anne Wilson

When Anne Wilson was growing up, she wanted to be an astronaut.  She made plans, started taking classes, and set her hopes on traveling to space.  But one tragic summer night in 2017 altered the course of Anne’s life.  The death of her brother Jacob, set off a series of events that made clear to…


Don’t Stop Believin’

Don’t Stop Believin’ By: Tara Buchanan Joe and I love to watch “Behind The Music” or any documentary about famous bands (usually from the 80s). Something from the story of Journey stuck out to me when we watched that recently. Steve Perry mentioned how when he first came on as the lead singer, he struggled…


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THIS is Who I Am

I was really depressed and going to counseling to try to work all that out. When you’re depressed you kinda question who you are and why you’re around and why things happen. You kinda go, “Who am I in all of this thing called life?” When I was on the…