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Behind Our Smiles Podcast Spotlight: Tim and Lynette Kosloskus. (Tara’s parents)

             We are so excited to introduce you to a very special couple in our lives: Tara’s parents, Tim and Lynette Kosloskus!   They have been…

Man in hat and leather jacket

The Unfolding – Page 68 – Jordan St. Cyr (From the Archives)

  Jordan St. Cyr had always believed the way to your dreams was through grit and hard work.  He knew God had called him to be a songwriter, so he…


Behind Our Smiles – Episode 36 – How Did We Get to 25 Years?

Happy 25th Anniversary to us!! As we celebrate what God has done in our 25 years of marriage, Joe and I reflect on some of our favorite wedding memories. And…


The Unfolding – Page 130 – Ben Fuller

Ben Fuller is a singer and songwriter who is just beginning his career in Christian music. His song “Who I Am” is being played on stations around the country. His…

Womaning wanting man to listen

Behind Our Smiles – Episode 32 – Are You Listening to Me?

One of the most frustrating things to experience is when you feel like someone is not listening to you. Or worse, they say they are listening, but their attention is…


Behind Our Smiles – Episode 29 – Can We Just Skip Mother’s Day? – Part 1

Joe could feel it, sneaking up on him again. Mother’s Day was coming. The reminder of the hurt and loss he suffered through as a child. He describes it as…

Flower picture with Double Blessing Spring fundraiser and walking Free in text

“We just knew that God said do it, so we did.” – Chris Scotland

When my wife and I lived in Houston, we had an amazing community of believers that we hung out with on a regular basis. I remember one Christmas when a…


Behind Our Smiles – Episode 15 – Ready or Not, Here I Come Part 2

The traumatic experiences of Joe’s past were one of the major barriers to us finding emotional intimacy in our marriage. The distance that was between us made it harder to…


The Unfolding – Page 113 – Julie Dennison

Julie Dennison experienced some really hard things as a kid. Like many of us, she didn’t know a healthy way to deal with trauma. As an adult, opioid drugs became…


Behind Our Smiles – Episode 13 – Can We Press the Reset Button?

They say once you say something you can’t take it back. Words are powerful. But, just because some idiotic comment comes flying out of my mouth doesn’t mean I should…


Behind Our Smiles – Episode 10 – What’s Wrong With You?

Joe and I both get annoyed with each other. We both have personal habits that we find highly frustrating. And really, I try not to nag him about those things.…

John Karakian

The Unfolding – Page 45 (From the archive) – John Karakian

John Karakian has never really thought of himself as an evangelist. He’s just a guy who really loves his dog, and his neighbors. John and Buddy met thousands of people…